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About Us

Just Sentinel is an independent news source that is free from the agenda of the corporate mainstream media. It is a non-partisan online news publication that provides readers with objective reporting and in-depth analysis of current events.

The purpose is to eradicate the division and to create a safe haven for both Republicans and Democrats with factual news that is supported by evidence and devoid of hate.

Just Sentinel focuses on issues that are mostly significant to the people of the United States. As a growing number of people in the United States continue to lose faith in the ostensibly objective nature of older newspapers and news networks, Just Sentinel aims to fill the void as a reliable source of news and information on the stories and views that continue to be ignored by the establishment media.

As a news source that places a high premium on upholding principles, we think it is of the utmost importance to be open and honest about our ideas and the ways in which they may influence the topics that we choose to cover. We do not support or favor any political party or candidate.

The content of our news section is focused on the presentation of factual information. Regardless of how we personally feel about something, it is our duty to present the whole picture of the truth to the people who read our work.

We have a responsibility to convey the facts in an honest manner, even if those facts run counter to the opinions that we may have. When it comes to some matters, we generally give our audience the opportunity to form their own opinions and let the facts do the talking wherever possible.