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Two fathers shot each other’s daughters during a road rage incident

Two fathers shot each other's daughters during a road rage incident

Two Florida men, fathers, who shot each other’s daughters during a road rage incident were arrested and each charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder.


Per court filings, William Joseph Hale, 35, and Frank Gilliard Allison, 43, were both arrested on Saturday evening and booked at the Nassau County Jail.

During a press briefing on Monday, Bill Leeper, Nassau County Sheriff described the men’s behavior as “stupid” and “crazy.” On Saturday, just after 6 o’clock on U.S. 1, there was a “road rage incident” that led to numerous 911 calls alleging “people being shot,” according to Leeper.

The witness who spoke to authorities said Hale was driving a black Dodge Ram with five people inside, and Allison was driving a gray Nissan Murano with three people inside.


Leeper maintains that the witness contacted 911 because both vehicles were driving so recklessly that he thought something horrible was about to happen and that the interaction between the two vehicles was like a “cat and mouse game.”


Per Leeper, investigators were able to establish that both Hale and Allison were “speeding, driving recklessly and brake-checking each other” in the moments prior to the shootings. He defined this behavior as “getting in front of each other and applying the brakes.”

“Hale, the driver of the Dodge Ram, began yelling at Allison, the driver of the Nissan, to pull over at some point during the incident.”

“The Nissan’s right front passenger stretched her hand out the window and used her middle finger to flip the other car off. Also, a plastic water bottle was hurled from the Dodge Ram into the Nissan as its driver, Allison, rolled down his window to yell back at the other car driver.”

The Nissan’s driver, Allison, then pulled out his Sig Saur 45-caliber semi-automatic gun and fired one round at the other car before speeding away.

The 5-year-old daughter of Hale was hit in the leg as the bullet entered through the right rear passenger door of the Dodge Ram. Allison told investigators that he just wanted to “get out of the whole scenario,” which is why he fired the shot.


With that shot fired, everything changed as the whole scenario turned into a “fast and furious” chase. Hale noticed that his daughter was hit, and seeing that the Nissan was getting away, he had to chase the Nissan down.

Leeper said that after catching up to the Nissan, Hale pulled out a Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun from the driver’s side and fired seven to eight rounds at the Nissan. The Nissan was hit by at least three bullets, one of which hit Allison’s 14-year-old daughter in the back and caused a collapsed lung.

Both drivers observed an NCSO patrol car not long after the second child was shot and had to stop. The deputy intervened to stop the fight between the two men after they got into an argument. The two girls were taken to a nearby hospital by fire and rescue personnel, and the injuries sustained by both girls were not fatal.

Hale and Allison were taken into custody at the Nassau County Jail.





  1. Glenn Engelbrecht

    Florida man with guns, this is what happens, two young girls now have a bullet wound, and both thier father’s arrested and booked on attempted murder.

  2. Bobby

    A sig is not an automatic weapon. Get your facts right and stop trying to make the gun type an issue…. “Sig Saur 45-caliber automatic weapon”

    • Dwyer

      Facts are facts. If you are going to write a story and then feed it to the public. It is important to make sure that you have your facts straight. If you can’t do that most basic journalistic thing you have failed as a journalist. It’s like saying every dog attack is a Pitt bull or Pitt bull mix.

  3. Pewasa DiCoptp

    Ignore the “gun facts” comments, they are trying to change the narrative. This journalism is bad because a fact is wrong, they don’t care about facts, the only thing they care about is “gun not bad”. They are probably russian trolls anyway.

  4. MPS

    “An armed society is a polite society” , right gun nuts? That’s why we have the highway homicide rate in the developed world, right gun nuts? Oh but do show the details of which gun was used, because that’s what’s important, right gun nuts? All gun owners are a danger to society m

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