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San Diego police officers are resigning massively over an oversight commission

San Diego police officers are resigning massively over the city labor plan for accountability

The union representing San Diego police officers said they are seeing massive resignations from officers over an oversight commission that has not even been fully implemented.


Voice of San Diego reported that negotiations about who can and cannot serve on the Commission on Police Practices (CPP), the independent body that looks into complaints of police misconduct, have come to a standstill between city labor negotiators and the union that represents San Diego police officers.

The San Diego Police Officers Association argued during Monday’s City Council meeting that relatives of current or past local law enforcement officers should be permitted to serve on the board, but the city labor negotiators objected.

Additionally, there is disagreement over whether those with felonies can be appointed to the commission. The police union officials oppose this, while city negotiators support it. According to the city negotiators, anyone whose criminal record does not prevent them from serving on a jury should be eligible.


San Diego police officers are quitting their jobs over an oversight commission that has not even been fully implemented.

The Commission on Police Practices, which has not yet been completely implemented, in part due to the deadlocked negotiations, was cited as one of the reasons officers were leaving San Diego for employment in other cities by SDPD Sgt. Jared Wilson, the POA president.

He claimed that “our cops are better off somewhere else” and that the committee had a “radical, abolish the police agenda.”

The CPP rule, according to Tim Davis, the city’s chief labor negotiator, was “well designed and balanced.” He requested that the City Council accept a resolution that would break the deadlock and allow the ordinance to go for a subsequent vote on implementation.


The ballot measure that formed the CPP was written by attorney and co-chair of San Diegans for Justice Andrea St. Julian, who also has family members who work in law enforcement.

“Nothing about me or my history makes me anti-police,” she insisted.

The National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, the nation’s leading organization for citizen oversight, provided advice on the composition of the commission, according to Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe, whose office supervised the drafting of the CPP ordinance, “and not from anti-police sentiment.”

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The only Councilman who voted against the ordinance’s approval was Chris Cate. He claimed that his father is a retired police officer. “I take it a little personally when I’m told I can’t sit on a commission because there might be a perceived conflict of interest,” he admitted.

Council members stated that while they understood the POA’s stance, they were also concerned that adding a law enforcement representative to the board would damage the trust of the communities that have pressed for tougher oversight.

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    • Biko Barefoot

      That’s what I used to believe, too. But then I started watching the cop videos on YouTube. We have a real problem here in the United States with our overreaching police departments. I know they say it’s only a few bad cops but I don’t believe that’s the truth. For instance In San Diego right now they are trying to set up a commission that would oversee the police department and complaints about police actions. The police men are walking out in droves they say in opposition to the forming of this commission. That’s the problem in a nutshell. Police want to be able to do anything they want to, to anyone they want to, it anytime they want to. You would be surprised at the number of policeman who think they can walk up to you on the street and demand your ID. There are many occasions when the policeman ask for ID on the street and the citizen refused to give it to him because in order to have to show your ID you have to be have committed a crime in the process of committing a crime or having committed a crime. Many have been arrested and taken to jail simply for not showing their IDs when there is no law that says they must produce their ID because the policeman ask for it. But there is constitutional amendment that is supposed to make you safe in your person, papers etc. The police only receive six months of training. The first amendment contains our five rights. Great to speak free speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, religion and the right to petition the government. I have yet to see a video that when ask if the policeman knows the First Amendment the policeman knows any of the five freedoms. The consequences of that are not the police are with impunity violating our rights all the time. So don’t be so sure that because you haven’t done anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about.

  1. James Russo

    That’s because they’re a bunch of lazy, corrupt, emotionally unstable, narcissistic scumbags! I say fire the lot and hire new ones who actually care to SERVE the community and PROTECT it not shoot them up!

  2. Nico

    Chris Cate really said “I take it personally” to an anti-corruption measure? As though he were entitled to nepotism??

  3. Jay Kay

    Imagine this happening in any other profession.

    Doctors resigning en masse because of the review boards.

    School teachers resigning across the country because they’re no longer allowed to assault children without consequences.

    How absurd is it that we have one profession in this country that is completely untouchable, and allowed to murder us because they were scared even if we were non threats.

    America is not the land of the free, we are the land of the oppressed, the land of the brainwashed, the land of corruption.

  4. bill

    I hope the door doesn’t hit them.

    In all seriousness I also hope they don’t come to my city.

    Maybe San Diego figured out a way to reign in our counties corrupt murderous police, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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