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Police officer arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battery

Police officer arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battery

A police officer was arrested and charged with third-degree domestic battery. During an investigation into a domestic violence complaint, a Little Rock Police Department officer has been dismissed from duty and placed on paid administrative leave.


Third-degree domestic battery is the charge brought against Cristian Gallegos, 29, according to KLRT-TV.

At 2:36 on Sunday morning, police were called to a residence. Family members said that Gallegos had struck a woman.

Responding authorities found the victim had bodily wounds, according to the police, after conducting an investigation at the scene.


Gallegos was brought to the major crimes division so that detectives and managers could assess the evidence.

He was checked into the Pulaski County Detention Center.

Since February 2019, Gallegos has worked for the Little Rock Police Department.

The Little Rock Police Department’s Professional Standards Division will thoroughly review the incident while the criminal investigation is still ongoing.


Psychological Evaluation

It has come to light that some of these police officers in law enforcement around the states failed their psychological evaluation exams. However, they got hired anyway.

Just days back, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office banned 47 officers from making arrests and equally carrying firearms over failed psychological evaluation exams.

The sheriff’s office relieved 47 officers of their police duties. This is due to “unsatisfactory” evaluations on psychological tests dating back to 2016.

In Kansas City, Kansas, a police detective who has been sexually preying on Black women for years has been charged with sexual abuse.

See: A prominent Boston bank fires an employee for aggravated rape of girls.

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  1. Tony Bennet

    Little Rock is filled with dirtbags, and criminals in uniform, who couldn’t hold any other job so they became cops! #losers #thieves #criminal_with_badges

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