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More police officers are committing suicide due to ‘demonization’, expert says 

More police officers are committing suicide due to 'demonization', expert says 

Tania Glenn, the president of Tania Glenn and Associates, which specializes in rendering mental health services to veterans and first responders, said that more police officers are committing suicide due to “demonization.”


Glenn, who has been a trauma therapist for three decades in Austin, Texas, said more police officers will continue to commit suicide if the media and politicians continue to demonize them.

Early in October, a 30-year-old Texas police officer in San Antonio committed suicide. He was the department’s fifth active-duty or recently retired officer to commit suicide in the past seven months.

Glenn said that this serves as a stark reminder of the difficulties police officers are having performing their duties in the face of the defund the police movement that has demonized cops in the United States.


Officer Jordan Hammond of the San Antonio Police Department, who had been in law enforcement for five years, committed suicide last week at the age of 30. This is the agency’s fifth suicide in the past seven months. Four of those were active-duty officers, and the fifth was an officer who retired two weeks before his death, according to a spokesperson from the department.

Tania Glenn, a trauma therapist in Austin, Texas and the president of Tania Glenn and Associates.
Tania Glenn, a trauma therapist in Austin, Texas and the president of Tania Glenn and Associates.

Glenn Claims Media and Politicians Play a Major Role on Why More Police Officers are Committing Suicide

Glenn says that the demonization of police by the media and politicians has played a major role in destroying law enforcement morale in the United States.

“They have a pretty big city with a lot of violence, and they have been dealing with the media portrayals of police officers as monsters,” Glenn said.

“And they have sort of been cut off from society and engaging in making people happy with “coffee with a cop” and things like that. All these things have really come to a screeching halt between the pandemic and what happened after George Floyd. So, they’re isolated. Their mental health is suffering, the trauma is compounding, and it’s just this perfect storm for what’s happening there,” Glenn added.


Glenn also claimed that the George Floyd protests in 2020, coupled with the defund the police movement supported by elected officials, had a major impact on the mental health of police officers, making suicidal thoughts just a second away.

“In the end, their brain and sadness cause them to act in such a terrible way because all they can see is that suicide is their only option. It truly deceives them into thinking that people will be happier without them, which is obviously not true,” Glenn said.

The list of officers who committed suicide in the past seven months, according to the San Antonio Police Department includes:

[1] Officer Paul Carreon, who committed suicide in April after 19 years of service.

[2] Officer Paul Zavala, who served for 28 years and committed suicide two weeks after retiring in June.

[3] Police officer Justin Garcia, who committed suicide in August after serving six years.

[4] Detective Frank Rodriguez, who committed suicide in September after 15 years of service.

[5] Finally, officer Jordan Hammond, who committed suicide in October after five years of service.


What is your take on “More police officers are committing suicide due to “demonization.”



  1. keith robert berry

    They did that to themselves. They are demons. Blue line thugs with union protection and qualified immunity. Always talking until they have to comment on excessive force cases then it’s no comment.

  2. Gerry

    When indiscriminately murdering others just doesn’t hit the same anymore, guess ya gotta level up. Godspeed on your dumpster journey, blue boys!

  3. Serpico

    So it’s our fault for showing the non-stop stream of cell phone and body camera video of police straight up murdering people?

  4. Oink

    “It truly deceives them into thinking that people will be happier without them, which is obviously not true”

    No, it is VERY true

  5. Lauren Hasty

    Well maybe – just maybe – if cops were held accountable for their bad behavior, people wouldn’t feel as if our law enforcement system is intrinsically broken. But when we see headline after headline of ‘x black person shot and killed’ followed by ‘paid administrative leave’ followed by ‘qualified immunity’, it’s hard to feel sympathy for what looks like a bunch of white people carrying badges that can, quite literally, get away with murder.

  6. Foof

    Wow, this is framed like it’s all the media’s fault, like I haven’t seen 1000 videos of them murdering people, planting drugs, shooting dogs when they bust down the wrong door, etc.

    What did the media do, exactly? Show us all their crimes?

    My guess is these suicides are either out of guilt, or fear of getting caught

  7. Boo Hoo

    My DeEpEsT sYmpatHies! Maybe try killing less innocent people, pulling less guns on innocent children, and acting like an occupying military force. HoW dArE tHe MeDiA RepOrT On PolIce CoRruPtioN aNd ViOlencE?!?!?! These pigs made their beds, now they can rest eternally in them. One less invasive swine each time they do it.

  8. Commentess

    We have years and years of evidence of police brutality (look at for all the evidence) and now they’re sad they’re getting called out on it. Boohoo. I’m saving my tears for the survivors of police brutality. They deserve our compassion.

  9. George

    From “All Cops are Bstrds”:

    “My job as a police officer required me to be a marriage counselor, a mental health crisis professional, a conflict negotiator, a social worker, a child advocate, a traffic safety expert, a sexual assault specialist, and, every once in awhile, a public safety officer authorized to use force, all after only a 1000 hours of training at a police academy…Should one profession be expected to do all that important community care (with very little training) all at the same time?”

    We, as an American society, ask teachers to do this every day, only without any of the job security or dumbing down inherent to policing. So when does this selfsame society level with itself and stop trying to cheap out on social issues that, left unattended, only end up escalating exponentially?

    Everybody, including police, needs to own up and grow up. As fast as possible. Not try to take some nonexistent refuge in immunity from criticism for neglecting their basic duties to each other as human beings. That’s not a luxury we can afford anymore.

  10. John Ligma

    This is a very sad story for me to read because I just love sucking off cops. I go around grindr looking for cops to suck off because I have a very specific preference and nothing else gets me off quite the same. I think that the media demonizing cops not only is making them kill themselves more (for which a lot of evidence was provided by this article, and it was very clear that they all killed themselves for this reason) but is also making them less active on grindr so it’s harder for me to find the still alive ones to suck off.
    Oh yeah also I’m pretty sure the last cop I sucked off thinks being gay is illegal because he threatened to kill me if anyone found out, I tried to tell him being gay is legal now but he shook his head, zipped up his pants, and walked away. I tried texting him to suck him off more but he seems to have blocked my number.

  11. Steve

    I mean, if you wanna off yourself, go for it… that’s your decision to make but really, just quit your job and/or refuse to ‘follow orders’ & stop using threats, coercion force and violence against people who’ve done no harm, caused no damage and have not created any victims.

  12. Harahan

    I applaud the efforts of the police to abolish the police. With their complete refusal to protect themselves from covid and their laudable efforts to self-delete, the police have done more to abolish the police than any other group our in our society. I hope this trend continues so that in a few short years there will be no more police.

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