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Mayor Thomas Henry is charged with DUI today

Mayor Thomas Henry is charged with DUI today

Thomas Henry, the Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was charged officially with a DUI after being involved in a car crash due to too much wine at a fundraiser. He was arrested and held at the Allen County Jail.


The accident occurred after Mayor Henry and his wife, Cindy left the fundraiser at the Civic Theater in downtown Fort Wayne. His mother-in-law was also in the car when it collided with an oncoming vehicle. No life was lost nor any injuries sustained.

A caller reported a car accident to the Fort Wayne Police Department on Saturday at 10:23 p.m. According to reports, Henry collided with a vehicle while driving to the left of the road.

The woman in the other car during the collision has been quiet. It has not been known if she intends to file a lawsuit against Mayor Henry.


The officer’s report shows that Henry was seen swaying, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, his speech was slurred, and his breath strongly reeked of alcohol. According to WPTA, he was also recognized for being argumentative.


Mayor Henry admits to having too much wine in his system before leaving the fundraiser. Henry also expresses regret for giving a friend a lift in the condition that he was in. ” I had too many glasses of wine at a fundraiser and should not have given a friend a ride home,” he said.


Mayor Henry, who has been mayor of Fort Wayne since 2008, held a press conference after his release, regretting his actions and the impact they will have on his future ambition.

“I will be held accountable for such conduct in subsequent court procedures. I respect the law and will abide by the judgments of our court. And I’ll deal with any repercussions,” he said.

Mayor Thomas Henry officially charged

Today, Henry was formally charged. These offenses include driving while intoxicated in a way that put another person in risk and driving while intoxicated with an alcohol level level of at least 0.15 percent. With an election forthcoming and him seeking re-election, one cannot actually tell for now what impact these will have on his chances.




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