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Man was shot at multiple times for not driving ‘fast enough’ during a road rage incident

Man was shot at multiple times for not driving 'fast enough' during a road rage incident

“People are crazy,” said a Washington, D.C. man who was shot at multiple times for not driving “fast enough” during a road rage incident on Thursday.


Leon Vessels, a father of two, was taking one of his sons to school on Thursday morning when the terrifying incident occurred on Interstate 295. Vessels said the other driver might have started shooting at his car because he felt he wasn’t driving “fast enough.”

Before the shooting started, Vessels said he saw a driver behind him weaving erratically through traffic at a high speed near South Capitol Street.

Leon Vessels, a Washington D.C. man who was shot at multiple times for not driving fast enough.

Upon noticing the other driver’s erratic behavior, Vessels allegedly moved over since he was driving on a spare tire, had his son and a close friend in the car, and he didn’t want to drive any faster.


“I noticed the man was still on my bumper and I felt and heard something and didn’t know that was a gunshot at first,” Vessels said. “We hear another boom. And at this point, I’m like he’s not hitting us, he’s shooting at us, and the third one went through the window and hit the baby seat,” he added.


In a social media post, the mother of his two sons shared pictures showing a shattered back window and bullet holes in the car seat and the car door. The mother of two wrote that her son was sleeping in the car seat when the shots were fired. Thank goodness, he wasn’t hurt.

According to Vessels, if his other son had been in the car with him, the bullet that went through the other side door would have struck him. He said road rage is crazy and said if given the opportunity, one should avoid it by any means possible.

“Road rage is crazy. People are crazy,” Vessels said. “But I mean, it’s not that serious. You have the opportunity to go, just go. It’s not worth it,” he added.

The suspect is still at large and the police are investigating the shooting as an assault with a lethal weapon.


Stay tuned for updates.


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