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A police officer is facing criminal charges after terrorizing a woman with an illegally recorded sex act

A police officer is facingcriminal criminal charges after terrorizing a woman with an illegally recorded sex act

According to a lawsuit, criminal charges have been filed against a former police officer in California who terrorized a woman with an illegally recorded sex act.


According to SFGate, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against Anthony Luciano Vasquez, 25, of the Pinole Police Department, in September 2021 for felony eavesdropping and misdemeanor “unlawful” video recordings.

The office said on Facebook that “Vasquez had recorded the victim without her knowledge.” The sex act was recorded using a covert camera that belonged to Vasquez and was placed in his bedroom at his Hercules residence.

Vasquez is accused of disclosing the recording “with at least one other law enforcement officer,” according to the lawsuit.


In June 2021, Vasquez left law enforcement while the incident was under investigation. Additionally, it was claimed in the lawsuit that the city’s police department failed to act appropriately and “were aware, or reasonably should have been aware, that its officers were engaging in such criminal activity.”

Is it a crime for someone to record an intimate video without consent?

Well, each state has its own laws. However, taking video or photographs of a person engaging in sexual acts without consent is usually a criminal offense if the videos are taken in a place where the person can reasonably expect to have privacy, according to womenslaw.


For instance, it is illegal for someone to install a hidden camera in your bathroom or bedroom without your knowledge.

However, if you are on a nudist beach or in a public park and someone takes a video of you naked or performing sexual acts, it may not be illegal to share these images because you cannot expect privacy in those public places.

Again, your state’s laws will make it clear what is and is not illegal.

The same law that forbids sharing intimate images may also clarify the act of capturing images without your consent or knowledge in some states.

In many states, crimes involving both behaviors are referred to as invasions of privacy or violations of privacy. However, in other states, the act of recording your image without your knowledge or permission may be classified as voyeurism or unlawful surveillance.


If you want to look up actual crimes in a state, enter the state name here.

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